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Monday, March 3, 2014

I love non-digging my garden

No-dig gardening method suits my life style perfectly! I dislike non-sustainable machines like tractors and roto-tillers and I sure am not a great fan of shoveling hard clay soil ;)
So what do I do? Non-digging seems perfect for me :) It sure takes some time to create a no-dig garden using cardboard and newspapers as well as compost which has to brought to the spot.
I simply place newspapers or cardboard onto the grass and apply 15 cm thick compost soil on top of it. If I have planks I do like to define beds with them, but they are not a must have. All the grass under the cover will die and become :) food for my veggies.
I have bought 2 kg of organic Sava potatoes and have placed them in a tray beside the window to help them sprout. I placed some soil under them to also encourage the creation of roots. In about 4-6 weeks I will be planting them outdoors. I do have many Sarpo Mira potatoes in Sweden which I will bring to Denmark in April. Sarpo Mira is blight resistant. 
Black Cherry and Marmande Tomatoes have started sprouting :)
Im so happy to see most of the Acacia seedlings growing well. My intention is to plant them on the East side of our Spruce forest. My bees will sure appreciate Acacia nectar :)

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