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Friday, March 14, 2014

The greenhouse is finito

Well, not entirely :) but the large greenhouse is finished for now. The smaller greenhouse is also covered but needs materials for the walls.
I present to you ... (fanfares !!!) ... the ugliest greenhouse in human history ;) I literally used all sort of materials I could put my hands on and tried to fit it as best as I could. But the greenhouse is fully practical and functional :) that is the most important part. I'm sure our tomatoes, paprika, chili and cucumbers will enjoy it :)
I even installed a plastic barrel to collect rain water. I just have to figure out how to make a cheap DIY gutter. I was thinking about nailing 2 planks together in a V-shape ... will see.
 The chicks are becoming more accustomed to my presence. I dump horse manure into the hens yard which seems to bring much joy into their life :) they just love sifting through it!
 Gorgeous looking Danish Leghorn Land-race both Black & Brown
I just LOVE this Cock so much people might think Im turning gay ;) He is such a handsome fellow and very gentle towards his ladies. Cant wait to get some baby chicks :))

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  1. Well - så længe drivhuset virker! :-) Vi havde også en gammel grim plastikudestue som drivhus i starten... før vi blev borgerlige og fik et af glas (som burde være større!) ;-)
    Smukke høns, bestemt!!!