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Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring preparations

At last :) all raised beds are filled with composted horse manure. In about a week or two I will be starting to plant veggies. I will start with carrots, radishes, potatoes, parsley and lettuce. I will cover them with something to speed up the growing process a bit since it is still a bit cold in the night time.
Im hoping to see at least one Hen starting to go broody and for that reason Im building a cage within the chicken coop just under the sitting stick. This way I can also collect the chicken shit for fertilizing our garden this summer :)
It is so easy cleaning the poop now the platform is build just under it. Im placing the poop in a plastic container and will use it to feed our veggies. Since chicken shit is very strong I will be diluting it 9 parts water 1 part chicken shit.

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