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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Feeding the Educational TBH

I started seeing more and more bees returning with pollen to this hive which in my opinion isnt doing so well. I would like to see this population grow, to see new bees emerging into the "orientation flight". Im still not sure if this hive has a mated Queen. There are no more Drones emerging and that is a good sign which should be followed by a steady increase of young Worker Bees.
Im against feeding Sugar to the bees so I decided to give them honey from a known local beekeeper. He only uses Oxalic Acid once a year and wax foundation (old school).
Iv got informed over at that extra feed in August will stimulate egg laying.
The honey jar is placed behind the last comb. I made sure to stick a few branches into the honey to avoid bee drowning. Iv seen two bees fel into the honey and after a while they got out of it :) all sticky :))
Lets see how long will it take them to empty it.

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