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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Scything at Tiskaretjärn

Today we went to Tiskaretjärn farm to learn from Peter how to cut grass with a Scythe :) We have got many great tips turning this work which is very much labouring into a pleasant almost meditative activity :) by the way the nature around here is magical :) it speaks to you :)
Peter explaining about different types of blades ...
This is the way one measures if the scythe is too long or too short for you ... This one is perfect for his height.
It was time to start sharpening the blades ...
Jan preparing the pefect scythe :)
Sofia is ...well she is sleeping I guess ;)
Louise and Micke making samurai swords
the pertfect scythe with a shoulder part mmmm :) me like it
Nina trying hard (p.s. i think her scythe had a dull blade, but dont tell her)
Me with a very bad scythe. 
Maria cutting it smooth
Juliana the pofessioanl grAss kicker ;)

Sofia and Nina tandem
Emilia pretending to be cutting grass, Jennie staring at the grass, Simon smoking grass and Josefine getting the hell out of the grass ... Im assuming ;)
Stefan riding the Harley Scytheison ;)

Me with the perfect scythe, so easy to cut the grass with this baby
at the end of the day it was home time :) tired and hungry yet very happy to have been on Tiskaretjärn with Peter

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