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Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to make a Flower Pot Refrigerator

Cooling food without electricity!
In a community without electricity, storage of food long-term can be tricky. One simple solution is to build your own pot-in-a-pot fridge, using basic pots, sand and water. An idea revived by Muhammed Bah Abba, this neat item is now being used by many farmers in warm climates who need to preserve their food for a longer time and keep the insects away. Keeping the sand moist all the time enables evaporation to cool the produce kept inside the inner pot. This enables the storage of freshly grown vegetables to last much longer than usual in a hot climate. Here is how to make your own.

The world's cheapest and easiest refrigerator to make, it uses minimal resources and runs completely without electricity. It's called a zeer pot, or the pot-in-pot and was rebirthed by Mohammed Bah Abba, who put the laws of thermodynamics to work for mankind.

The zeer pot, is just two simple pots, one pot smaller than the other.

The smaller pot is put inside the bigger pot, and we fill the space between with sand. We wet the sand twice a day and cover the top with a wet towell to keep warm air from entering the interior.

Things You'll Need:
Two clay (terracotta) pots, one larger than the other
Cloth to cover the pots
Clay, cork or other material to plug holes in the pots

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