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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Garden Review with Per Brunstrom

Per was today at Kretsloppshuset looking at the garden and giving us a few tips and tricks about how to continue tending for the garden. Everything looks ok except the tomatoes which need watering and fertilising.
the Leek needs more fertilising
Who is this well grounded person?
Per instructing
Per explaining how and why to top off Paprika and Chilli plants
Our Blackcurrent bushes are ready to be harvested yumm yumm
Almost all types of cabbage are ready to be eaten
Harvesting the products of our sweat ;)
A Honeybee from our African Top Bar Hive collecting Nectar from a yellow Echinacea flower
We planted two different sorts of potato; Ovacio and Sarpo Mira. The Ovacio is already full grown and ready to harvested :)
Per complimenting our potato gardening :) Thank you Per for all your help

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