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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Horizontal Top Bar Hive Finished

I've finished the horizontal top bar hive which will be placed at our summer house in south of Sweden together with the "perone style" vertical top bar hive.
I have made the roof from reused materials.
At first I decided to make a top entrance but after i made the roof that was not possible so i went with the "Middle Height Entrance" :)
I'm still to name this hive ... Queen Emilia maybe? ;)
the first 13 top bars are 34mm wide and the rest got a 10mm stripe to get them wider, 45mm since the new research have shown that bees build honey combs much wider (44mm) than the brood comb (38mm).
The observation window
the winter mouse guard entrance - 2x 8mm holes
the summer entrance witth a landing board and 2 x 25mm holes
blue insultation for the winter time

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