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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Building a Chicken Tractor

I'v found some wood and screws lying around the garage and decided to begin building my very first chicken tractor :)
This is how it went today;
First I constructed 3 V-shapes which are 150cm x 160cm
the connection is very simple
connecting the V-shapes with a top part so to stay in place
the carpenter Rock'n'Sawing ;)
I'v found an old door which fits perfectly into this coop :)
The V-shapes are now A-shapes because of the floor boards. 
The left side is done with the door-wall fully functional. Last thing I did was to fit the floor boards. Still have to plan how to make a small mobile ladder from the coop to the cage under ... Thats it for today :) Im happy with it so far. Now Im tired and will have a tea with my darling wife before falling into the dream world. Good night ya'all. Stay tuned!

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