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Friday, July 13, 2012

Cutting Tall Grass - Covering the Soil

We havent been in our summer house for a few month now and the grass has taken over the land. I decided to have a kitchen garden next summer and the garden area is totally coveren in Ground Elder and Nettles.
Both very invasive i know :) but also an indicator for very good soil. My plan is to cut all the tall grass and cover the area planned for growing veggetables.
I will keep the cover very tick hoping it will keep the weeds down till they perish. Not sure if this will work. Its an experiment.
Kristine the profs with a scythe kicking the grAss ;)
so much more fun cutting grass with a scythe rather than petrol powered screeming machine which smell bad
We covered this patch of land with an old linoleum cover 1 year ago. The weed is dead under it.
Most of the field is cut. Now its just collect the gras and cover the area planned for growing vegetables


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  2. The best way is to subscribe to this blog so you get updates as soon i post anew. Thanks