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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Culling Drones as a Bad Varroa Control

You see this word "control" is just out of place when it comes to Bees in my opinion (intuition). How can we humans possibly control something we hardly understand (if at all). The Varroa issue persists thanks to our beekeeping practice (so far) and all the practice is based on the "profit orientated control freak mind" which always puts the Profit before the Wellbeing of the entire Biodiversity including our own specie, the Homo sapiens. Can we trust such a mind which doesnt even care for itsown kind, not to mention other species?! I cant! I will be questioning and observing all this mind comes up with and will be discering all its decissions.

Beekeepers cull drone cells because they are the ones where Varroa reproduce. By removing the drones we remove the Varroa but not all. According to some sources only 50% is removed so the issue persists. The bee colomy decided to have all these drones for a reason and we remove that gene-pool from them! How clever is that?! Strong colomy will survive Varroa if let to their own device and weak colony will perish. As its ment to be! Natural selection. Problem started when we began to try to save all the bee comonies we have (profit orientaded greedy mind). The only way to fix this Varroa/pest/disease issues is to understand this Greedy Mind of ours and by seeing it for what it is let go of it. By letting go of control we will let the bees develope natural resistance and instead of the always stressing greedy control, we will at last, with all our heart, enjoy the miracle of compassionate bee-keeping which is embracing the whole of Universe which makes this Hive of Life :)
As Michael Bush sais "it all works if you let it Bee"

On the photos drone cell wax combs removed to be thrown away. Open cells for inspection reveal Varroa Mites.


  1. Quite the oposite Dule. Stron colonies will perish sooner rather than latter. Bigger colony - more brood - more varroa - faster collapse.

  2. So the only solution to Bee health is by letting them do what THEY know is best for them. Lets conclude that small colonies do best, menaing we should let them swarm :)They are at least 30 million years OLDER than Humans :) Im sure they know what is best for them.
    The only question remains; can we give up our greedy, profit orientated mind for the benefit of this (and all other) specie?
    Kind regards,

  3. Yep sure. But there is one thing only you forgot, Dule. There is this relationship between bees and the beekeeper. Me personally I don’t think bees will ever go extinct except in a case of an asteroid impact or something similar. What is that which will support the beekeepers side of this mutually beneficial relationship? In other words: bees will survive, but will the beekeeper have the same fate? :)
    If you watch the bees closely you will see how "greedy" they are for their food. Its what drives them. Same thing with us beekeepers. Beekeeping gives us support (money, honey etc). Its not a bad thing per se, it becomes bad when we do what is today known as commercial (ruthless) beekeeping. Cheers and enjoy the bees!