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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wood Chips - the New Age Gold Mine

My parents in law have a huge pile of a gorgeous old wood chip. Its breaking down into fine black compost soil, ah what a heaenly smell it has :)
Instead of layering it over the whole kitchen garden as an organic cover they (like many other) choose to plow the soil which kills many worms and distrups the aerobic-unaerobic soil structure with all the bacteria and mycorrhiza. And all that work to get more weeds, dry soil, packed soil after just a few month, less earth worms, no constant organic input as well as the price for buying and serviceing the tilling mashine and the unsustainible oil consuption.
By layering with wood chips the soils gets;
Rich in earth worms which make sure the soil is not packed and is aerated, the worms, bacteria and fungi constantly break wood into fine soil, the chips keep the soil moistured even when its dry, itis easy to take the weeds out of such porous soil and most weeds cant grow that well in wood chips, the vegetables get all the nourishment constantly, parasites get confused with all the diferent smelling wood chips (they flourish in monoculture smells) etc ... Never naked soil! Instead of plowing, COVER :) would you plow your own skin?
fine wood chip compost
pulling the weeds from the endge of this pile of wood chips ...
it was so easy to pull it out together with all the root system ...
shaking off the chips reveals all the roots which followed out of this porous soil. The soil under this part of wood chip is clay based but its not packed thanks to the earthworms constantly working the chips above and aerating the ground. Why labouring so hard if there is no need for it and the hard labouring doesnt benefit the soil nor what we plant?
Stop Plowing! Cover Instead :)
Watch the free film about sustainable gardening using wood chips at

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