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Friday, July 20, 2012

Neonicotinoids Killing Bees - Go 100% Organic To Make a Change

Its a catastrophy what we are doing to Bees (and other beings) and our selves with all this use of pesticides. Go Organic and save the very beings our lives depend on. They are our benefactors yet how do we return their favours? By poisoning them only we could make a PROFIT! We need an Economy which is for the benefit of all beings not against it. How do we fix this mess? Go Organic! Boycot all Non-organic products and they will stop creating them. The change is in the hands of the CONSUMERS! If there is a market the profit orientated economy will try to satisfy it no matter what it takes and how many species will perish in the process of making money. No Pesticides! Go Organic!

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