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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chicken and Egg

The hens we bought were caged hens and we decided that they will have freedom to forage on our homestead. In the start they were laying eggs in the nest which was inside their coop. Once the egg was laid they would go out and continue free ranging. As of late they begun to lay eggs on the road, our stairs and would break them and eat them! This can not be tolerated because we got them for the eggs for our own consumption. We didn't get any eggs for the last 2 weeks and we considered to slaughter them and get new hens but this time some locally adapted ones.
An egg laid on our stairs and eaten by our Lohmann hen
I'm not happy about slaughtering them now so I decided to keep them in their coop and see if this can remedy this issue.
So yesterday I've found 4 undamaged eggs at ones in one nest :) This seems to be working well. Incase they lay eggs at ones like this I could easily let them out free ranging for the rest of the day :) its a win-win situation :) Lets see how it goes today.

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