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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fishing with Joel The Man

I was invited yesterday by my beekeeping friend Joel to go fishing in his canoe. There is a small river just beside his home so fishing for him is very handy indeed.
We were fishing for Pike since there is an abundance of it in this locality. Joel and his girlfriend Ann are just like me also interested in a more Self-sufficient lifestyle and fishing is one of the important part of such life, as well as hunting and gathering. Biodiverse nature does provide a lot, hence the importance of NOT turning it into a sterile monoculture. Everything in nature is linked; insects need plants, small fish need insects, big fish need small fish, human needs big fish. If we spray pesticides all over our fields we are reducing insects, hence reducing small fish-big fish-etc... its a domino effect.
 And already after 15 minutes Joel caught a nice Pike
2 kg :) not too bad

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