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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Greenhouse, Chicks and Peas

Our garden is turning into a jungle :) not in terms of weeds but crops :) The only bad thing is that we are entering a dry spell. I would LOVE to see some rain. I can see Turnip leaves starting to hang a bit so watering might be necessary. Since we use well water I'm trying to use as little of it for gardening as possible.
 The first crop to start harvesting and storing in the freezer are the Peas.
I simply bag them and put in the freezer. Im not sure if Im doing this correct.
 The greenhouse is filled with tall Tomatoes
 This is the early sort called Black Cherry and is still green.
 The signature of Summer :) Sunflowers
Good news is the Hens are feeling great. The bad news is they broke one egg in the nest
and one of them laid an egg on our stairs and ate it :( I hope they stop with this since
we keep them for eggs. In case they continue I will have no choice but to slaughter them
and use them in soups. In this case I will buy  locally adapted Hens called Blomme Hons (Swedish Flower Hens)

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