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Thursday, July 25, 2013

I've caught ONLY two fishies yesterday

As I do every evening now, I take my fishing gear and fish for a couple of hours on the nearby river. Yes, I do this in hope to catch some meat for food but also because it is very relaxing being beside the river and focusing on the fishing. My friend told me about this perfect spot on this river and he keeps it a secret. Because of that I will take a break from fishing there and go fishing on the local lake instead for a while. I feel I have caught enough for now :)
It is very important to have a hook to take the Pike out
of water because Pikes teeth and gills are extremely sharp
2 kg and 1 kg Pikes from yesterday
We are having 4 friends coming over from Denmark tomorrow and will stay for a weekend. I'm having a feeling that we will be BBQing fish big time. I also found a good recipe for preparing Pike in the oven;
Pike, Onions, Lemon, Dill, Carrots, salt and pepper.
I have never tasted Pike and many in Sweden say it taste bad and dislike eating it. I have heard that the bad taste is in its skin and that if prepared on a frying pan it will taste a bit strange but if prepared on a tin foil inside the oven the bad taste will not form. Will know soon. I don't want such fantastic fish go to waste

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  1. If you catch Pike in the cold months its not so earthy in the tast. Pike is the best fish to make fishballs. In my opinion its nice to smoke it as well.

    A swedish classic is Pike with horseradish and melted butter.