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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Explosion of Squash and the Rain has arrived

There is so much Squash at the moment that we decided to give some away to all our neighbours. They were happy to receive it :) Now its time to find some Squash recipes.
After couple of weeks of dry and sunny weather the rain has at last arrived. Our garden sure needs it. The cabbage family was looking sad but now all leaves look much better again.
I love the earthy smell after the rain filling the air :)


  1. Greetings!
    I'm in Western USA and have been following your blog for a while now. I love it (and am also a fellow permie beekeeper)!
    Did you know they figured out why the ground smells so good after rain? Here's an article describing the science behind it!
    Keep gardening!

    1. Thanks for the reply and for following my journey :)
      Interesting article indeed.

      Bee well!

  2. Hi, I came here from the bee forum (Kelo). How much land would you say one person would need to be fully self-sufficient with veggies? I have a tiny garden but I have over thirty fruit trees and bushes etc but not too much room for other stuff.

    How does is super on your TBH working out?

    1. Hi Kelo nice to see you here :)

      I honestly dont know how much land. It depends on species grown and how much one consumes. I can eat alot my wife less so (if you get my point).

      Some plants need more spacing others less ...

      I suggest you try and plant around your trees and see how much you get out of it then decide if you need more land.

      I have no supers on my hives. Im planning to place 10cm tall super on each hive next year. The honey flow has slowed down here.