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Monday, February 17, 2014

Growing Acacia, Siberian Peashrub, Quince, Japanese Quince and Maple from Seeds

I just LOVE starting plants, bushes and trees from seeds :) It is mesmerizing observing a tiny seed turning into a large plant :)
One doesn't have to wait for the Tomato season to start planting seeds :) One can start already in January with cold stratification and/or scarification of various bush and tree seeds.
Acacia seeds need no cold stratification. Instead they need a heat treatment. I simply put seeds into a glass and pour hot tap water over them. I let them soak up the water for 2 days. After that I planted them into sowing soil and placed them into an empty aquarium with lights on to keep the seeds warm. They sprout very fast. As you can see in the image above they are almost ready to be transplanted into individual pots.
From left to right: Quince, Maple, Japanese Quince
Quince and Japanese Quince need cold stratification. I simply took out the seeds from quince fruits and placed them in between two paper sheets of kitchen paper which I soaked in water (excess water is poured out). Then I either seal them in a bag with holes in or into a plastic jar with a few holes in the lock. I stratified them for 3 month inside the fridge (not freezer).
The maple seeds I collected from outdoors. They were stratified naturally during the winter.
Soon to transplant them into individual pots :)

Denmark is a country with very little forest. Only 11% of this country is covered in forests. This is way too little to support wild life in my opinion. The whole country is covered in mono-crop fields which are no more but deserts for insect life. If insects dont thrive birds dont thrive etc ... its a chain of life.
So I think we, the people, can do our small part in bettering this ecosystem by creating small wild life friendly zones :) My plan is to start planting lots of flowering bushes and trees around my locality. I even got the permission from one of my neighbors to plant trees and bushes on his land :) 

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