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Friday, February 7, 2014

Planting seeds has officially begun

After almost 3 month of stratification I decided to plant the Quince and Japanese Quince seeds. I could see a few seeds germinating which was a clear planting sign. I also collected a few Maple seeds from our only Maple tree beside the house. Those seeds had natural stratification and some have already started sprouting.
I placed the seeds on the North window to protect the seedlings from direct sunlight. As soon they develop a few leaves I will have to transplant them into individual pots.
I am also preparing Black Locust (Acacia), Kolkwitzia bush and Siberian Pea Shrub seeds by soaking them in warm water for 48 hours. These seeds need no cold stratification. Instead they need warm conditions to germinate.
Even though I have collected various seeds last year I ordered some new. All organic seeds from Lindbloms Frö Sweden.

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