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Monday, February 10, 2014

What a glorious day!

Ah :) what a beautiful sunny day :)) I think this is the first sunny day since the beginning of December. I so need Sun! Did the Spring arrive early this year?
Eranthis blooming
... and so are the Snowdrops :)
our forest garden looks amazing in this glorious weather
Even though my knee is hurting alot I could not resist but go out on this sunny day and start taking down all the ugly metal plates from our shed which will be turned into our Willow Farm Shop.
The plates will be used as roofs for my bee hives and for covering grass areas which are to be turned into permanent deep beds for growing vegetables.
I've found this amazing apparatus in a second hand shop :) It measures moisture in the soil! I will so use this all the time especially because I over-watered my Cucumbers last year (which died). It measures moisture in the root zone. I have 6 Green Tea plants in pots and this meter shows the soil is dry in the root zone, so I watered them today. I keep the Green Tea plants indoors in the workshop where it is cold but frost-free. I will place them into the green house as soon its built.

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