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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Time to plant Lettuce, Radishes, Spinach and Mizuna

You dont hear often of people growing vegetables in the greenhouse or cold beds at the end of February. At least not in Scandinavia. Since this winter is very mild I decided to try with the ones most tolerant of cold temperature; radishes, spinach, lettuce and Mizuna kale.
I made a mini-polytunnel within the greenhouse raised beds and planted all the seeds mentioned above
I covered the tunnel with clear plastic. The winter Sun is warming up the tunnel which will encourage growth I hope. At least that is the theory. If all works as planned I will be harvesting already in April :) If not ... well. at least I tried.
I must complement Mr. Cock :) he sure is looking after his little flock very well. When I shift through the compost I usually find insect larvae which I feed to the chicks. Even though he takes a larvae into his beak he never actually eat it. Instead he calls for his ladies and as soon one approaches he drops the larvae in front of her to eat it :) what a gentleman indeed :) I love him to bits!
The hens have increased the egg laying. Now we get 2 eggs per day :) 
Home grown food yum yum ;)


  1. Tillykke med æg nr2 pr dag ;-) Virkelig fin hane! Se at få nogle kyllinger!!