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Thursday, February 13, 2014

I made a new friend in Denmark

I've got a visit yesterday :) Sophie which lives a few kilometers away from our farm decided to welcome us into the neighborhood. She is also very much interested in my small scale organic gardening plans. We had some coffee and talked about everything concerning Homesteading.

I showed her around The Willow Farm. We looked around our forest garden area and something fascinating happened!!! She discovered that we have huge amounts of Jerusalem Artichokes :)) I didn't know that the previous owner planted them there. I knew about all the Rhubarbs but not about Artichokes :) So cool! Thank you Sophie for this great present! I would never ever guess that those 2 meters tall flowering plants are Artichokes. I know my bees will love those flowers :)
Large patch covered in dried long Artichokes stems
The edible Artichoke root
Second patch covered with Artichokes


  1. Is is "jordskokker"?

    1. Yes :) if you need some for planting you know where to find me :)

  2. Oh sure I would like that! We don't have any... If you by any chance stumble upon some "ramsløg" Állium ursínum, Ramsons - I would be so happy :-)
    Actually Id might go a visit my parents tomorrow afternoon, since it's my dad's birthday - if you're at home, we could say hallo :-)

    1. You are welcome to visit tomorrow :) I might be around the house working so look around until you find me :)