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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Top Bar Beekeeping course in Holma Sweden Sabotaged by Conventional Beekeepers

I cant't explain how sad I feel today :( I was invited by Holma Forest Garden to hold a two days course in Top Bar Beekeeping (previous blog post) First day theory and second day work shop, building top bar hives.

After they have sent out the newsletter to their members about this course, they got many calls from their members which are also conventional beekeepers and  members of their local conventional bee club. They said that top bar beekeeping will only spread Varroa and other kind of disease! This is non-sense! How can they claim such things if they never kept bees in top bar hives???!!!

Holma Forest Garden organizers felt confused with these complaints and decided to cancel this course until they discuss this matter further. They didn't know Top Bar Beekeeping course would cause so much controversy.

It seems conservative/conventional minds have won this battle, battle against new possibilities :(
Very sad day for the bees ...

As Gandhi said; First they ridicule you, then they fight you and then you win!


  1. Øv hvor trist for dig! Du må fortælle mig om forskellen en dag...

    1. I will be glad to explain it. We do it when I move my bees to Dk