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Friday, February 21, 2014

No-dig gardening

I dislike digging gardens. Not just that digging, rototilling and plowing involves much work and petrol but it also disturbs the microbial balance withing the soil levels. Soil is a very delicate Super-organism. I know some of you might think Im crazy but soil is not inert as some might think. It is teaming with myriads of microbes.

Thanks to those microbes the soil keeps healthy and in balance. Plants growing in such soil are less likely to succumb to disease.
I decided to create raised garden beds with this no-dig method;
I am making 16 raised beds, each is 2 square meters. I will simply lay newspapers and cardboard on top of the grass and then a 15cm thick layer of compost soil which I plan to get from our local recycling plant for free. All the paths between the beds will be covered with thick layer of seasoned pine needles. 
The green house beds are filled with composted horse manure


  1. Jeg vil virkelig gerne høre mere om det der no-dig... Jeg hader også at grave have! ;-)

  2. Ja det må jeg høre mere om! ;-)