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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bad Gardening News

I decided to place fleece over the Swede, Turnips and Kale. I decided to take the fleece off and look whats happening under it and to my surprize the Turnips and Kale and not growing at all! :(
The Swede turnips (Majrova) are growing ok, not all of them sprouted but I'm happy with it. Normal Turnips and Kale are the ones which made me wonder what's going on. I stuck my finger into the ground and it seemed dry! How is this possible after all this rain we had last week? Somehow the rain washed down the fleece and never reached the soil I assume.
 The raised bed to the left are the Turnips and as you can see nothing came up! The right bed are the Swedes, not all of them sprouted but much better than the left side so I'm happy with them.
I should have covered the soil with a thin layer of hay as I did with other vegetables. I dont think I will be using fleece anymore. Hay shades the soil and keeps the moisture and the rain can pass through it right into the soil. The hay shades the plantlæets until they are big enough to pass through the hay. This hardens the plant.
Any way I watered the soil and and covered it with hay. I will order new Kale and Turnip seeds and if these dont start sprouting in two weeks time I will plant new seeds.

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