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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Raised beds finished, hay gathered and planting has begun

 I have raised the last beds and cleared some more weeds Im sure there are much more weeds left but they will show themselves after the first rain. Then I will weed them out. That is their main disadvantage :) they must start growing and then they will be mine ;) 
 First to plant was the Fava Beans
 Second to plant was the Hungarian potato sort "Sarpo Mira" known for its resistance to potato blight disease which almost all other sorts are effected by. I even planted some potato sort we bought last year, which started sprouting in the fridge.
 Third to plant were the Yellow Onions. I will buy some Red Onions tomorrow.
I also planted Beetroots.
 I'm planning to cover the whole garden area with hay to keep the weeds at bay and to contain soil moisture and in turn the rotting hay will feed the microorganisms and turn to compost, but I had a problem; I have no hay so I asked my neighbour Nils and his wife if they have some to sell and they said to take as much as I need for free since they have no animals anymore and the hay is just sitting there :) so that is exactly what I did. I moved quiet a bit today and will get some more tomorrow. To show them my gratitude I gave them two Black Cherry Tomato plants which made them happy :) The most valuable thing you can have in life is a good neighbour. There is an old saying "When in the morning you get outside of your home, first look at the Sun then at your neighbour" :)
At the end of this lovely day we enjoyed a Nettle Soup made from the Nettles growing wild around our cottage. We even made an omelette with eggs from our hens and Ground Elder which we also gathered around the cottage. The last was a pot of tea made from Nettles dried in the solar dehydrator, dried Raspberry leaves and Peppermint :)
This was a very nice day.
More planting continues tomorrow. Will blog about it of course ;) 

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