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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Creating raised beds, Boogie man. new greenhouse plants and year's first lettuce

 Did I tell you that I killed my organic green house cucumbers? Well, I did and this is why; I watered them too much and transplanted them too early. Next year I will plant them into the toilet paper cardboard tubes so no need to transplant them and the tube it self will keep better moisture in the soil. Lesson learned! So we thought that we will be without the long cucumbers this year. I went to a local gardening shop and they sold cucumber plants for 20 Euros !!! HOW MUCH!!!??? 20 Euros! That is waaaaaayyyy too expensive for one plant and it wasn't even organic! On my way home I visited another shop and they had cucumber plants which cost only 4 Euros :) You are guessing right, I did buy 2 plants and they fit perfectly into the greenhouse :) I also bought 1 Jalapeno, 2 red peppers, 2 Rosemarys, 1 Moroccan Mint and 1 Lavender. I also got some more seeds/bulbs; carrots, onions, white clover and Phacelia tanacetifolia for the bees.
 The 3 days garden digging and weed removal took a toll on my body. I was VERY tired today. I did sleep well but I woke up with a feeling as if someone beat me all night long. At first I though to take a day off but then I took an hour nap and after that I felt much better (but still exhausted) and felt to start with making raised beds in the garden. We have no time to lose since warm weather is here. I did half of it today and will do the rest tomorrow. The dog is NOT allowed into the garden area ;) Sorry Bailey
 Since we have all sorts of birds, rabbits and deer in this area I decided to make a "Boogie Man" (scarecrow). From now on I will not feel lonely in the garden ;) I will also hang a few CD's onto his arms which scares the animals by reflecting the light.
Today we tasted this years first lettuce mmmm the finest lettuce I've ever tried ;) In this image you can see new lettuce starting to grow on the side and the spinach is growing between the large lettuce.
I hope to start planting alot of stuff tomorrow so stay tuned!

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