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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Little update

I have mentioned last time that I've planted the Turnip again because all the ones I had died because I exposed them to too much sun. Plants have to be hardened before the are able to develop protection against the UV light. Now the Turnips are growing nicely. The Kale too died because of the same reason so I planted Kale seeds again.
 Tagetes is sprouting to life. So does the Squash and Pumkin
 Greek Oregano is starting to grow
 The Garlic was growing well through out the winter but now its suddenly starting to melt. The root is melting away and Im not sure why? Only 7 plants are growing well the rest is all gone :(
 I have placed Kale, Turnips, Pop-corn and Sunflower into the cold frame which is covered with windows and fleece to keep them warm. Like this the plants get hardened a bit since they have been grown indoors. 
cold frame with a window as a roof covered with fleece to protect the young leaves from the strong UV light


  1. You're going to love that kale. It'll winter over, flower early in the spring, then your bees will love it.

    1. I didnt know Kale flowers in spring. Thanks for thr tip :)