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Saturday, May 4, 2013

World Naked Gardening Day and a bit of everything

Today was the "World naked gardening day" which is described in Wikipedia as a "lighthearted" day, devoid of politics while tending for the garden in a most natural way, clothed as nature intended us to be ... in the nude ;)
To celebrate this day I gardened in the nude ... but not for long, it was a bit windy ;)
 I decided to plant out the Sunflower and Pop-corn plants into the cold frame which will be covered with windows and fleece to protect them from possible cold nights
 Bailey enjoying the shade of the top bar beehive on this warm sunny day. Today was 18'C :)
 I have covered the compost soil with a 5cm of well seasoned wood chips to keep the soil moist. Like this there is no need for much watering and the cover will keep weeds at bay.
 The Nettle is starting to grow. We gathered just a little bit to test our Do-It-Yourself Solar Dehydrator and see how long it takes to dry Nettle leaves which we intend to use as tea. Nettles are highly nutritious and come for free :) Nature is very giving. We are planning to dry lots of Nettle leaves.
 My dear wife Kristine placing the Nettle leaves onto the net treys in the Dehydrator
 We moved the Solar Dehydrator into a sunny spot. The teperature inside of it was 34'C today.
 I have decided to let the lady hens out today and 3 out 5 chicks went to venture around the coop. I had them in the coop for almost 4 weeks before letting them out. It is very important to not let the hens out too soon otherwise they can simply leave and never come back. They must first learn where the home is.
Our dog Bailey is very calm around the hens which is great. Betty (Kristine named her) and Bailey are best friends now :) she decided to stay inside her coop today even though I opened it. Im not forcing her to get out of course she has to feel secure enough to do so her self.

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