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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The land is cleared of weeds

Yes! :)
The kitchen garden land is at last cleared :) It took me 3 days to clear 130 square meters of land which was heavily covered in all sorts of perennial weeds like Nettles, Ground Elder and Couch Grass! Tons of it! I'm not kidding!
My muscles are aching and I've never sweat so much in my entire life!
This is how it looks before I begun to clear it
After my neighbour tilled this land I started clearing the weed roots
 3 days later its finished :) so happy :)))
The stone wall is almost totally covered with weeds which were removed from this patch of land ... all the way ........... down the wall :) there were some old tree roots in the ground as well which I had to dig out!
Now its time to fence the entire garden area to protect it from rabbits and deer.
After that is done I will be making deep beds and then its planting time :)
Stay tuned!
p.s. I think I need a hot shower


  1. :-)

    My hardworking friend. I hope you will have lots of fun and a very big harvest in your new garden.