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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Snail proofing the garden

I have found one snail eating a Tagetes plant and another eating the Squash plant. I even found two native black slugs in the garden. Something had to be done since these snails are crossing over the raw wool!
Black Slug native to Sweden has crossed the raw wool barrier
This Black Slug is not known to create huge issues in gardens
as the Spanish brown Killer Slug does
I've got these metal snail barriers from my parents in law, so I decided to
put them to use.
I had only enough of these metal barriers for two sides.
Those are the sides where I find most of the snails.
Since I had only enough of the metal barrier to cover two sides of the garden I will have to continue with collecting snails and slugs and throwing them away. I even cut all the tall grass around the garden to keep snail/slug numbers low. Snails and slugs like shade and if the tall grass is far away from the garden they rather stay in the grassy area. Lets see how this works.

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