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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Clearing the land and the Bees have come home

The planned kitchen garden area is covered in all sorts of weeds. Most of them are perennial ones like Nettle, Ground Elder and a sort of grass called Kvickrot in Swedish.
I tried to dig into this thick carpet of weed roots but quickly realised that I will need 2 month to weed out this 140 square meters garden area. So I asked a neighbour to till the land and he did.

The root systems are so thick that the plow couldn't turn the soil over but rather pull huge chunks of weed roots after the tractor! Even though the land is not tilled properly it is much easier now for me to get in there and weed by hand and tools. This will take a few days but I'm happy with this help because I would never finish clearing this land on my own.

The best way by far to clear the land of weed roots is by spreading a thick layer of hay over the land and leave it like that for 2 years. After that the weeds will die and turn into fine compost. Will try to do so in the future.
Hard working farmer ;)
Weed roots formed a thick carpet
By the way, I have bought 2 colonies of Honey Bees :) and they are moved into my horizontal Top Bar Hives. You can follow my natural beekeeping journey on my blog Che Guebee Apiary (don't forget to subscribe)

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