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Saturday, April 13, 2013

All Hail the Hens !

The Hens are home now :) I just came back with them and they are placed into the Chicken Tractor until tomorrow when I will open the bottom door which leads under the chicken house into the outdoor coop area which is approx 3 square meters big.

They guy which sold me the hens said these hens are organic free range but I doubt that. He sold them on a parking behind one factory. All the hens are missing feathers and are picking on each other! I'm sure these hens were caged (my apologies if I'm mistaken). He also told me they are 14 month old but they could be older. I cant tell. What ever the case they will live a good life from now on.

Anyway, they have a nice home now. I will keep them in this chicken tractor for at least 2 weeks before letting them roam free. They need this time to learn that this is their new home and they usually do. I'm willing to see tall grass growing beside the rail way before letting them roam free because trains do pass very so often close to our home. The tall grass creates a very tick barrier. Even if I decide to keep them all the time in the chicken tractor I will be moving them around the property twice a day so they get fresh forage. This might well be the case especially because we do have lots of foxes and birds of pray around here and Hens are not as alert as a Cock would be. I will be looking to buy one Cock soon.
In this image one can see 5 Brown Lohmann Hens I acquired today. Note the missing and damaged feathers. These will soon grow back I'm sure but this damage indicates overcrowded living quarters (cages).
I welcome you into our home my ladies :)


  1. Congratulations to your new ladies :-)

    Its realy nice with hence and Im sure you will enjoy it alot.

    1. Thanks Patrick!
      Im sure I will enjoy keeping them. Cant wait to see the outdoors picking in dirt

    2. Today my chicks realy enjoy picking in the first lose soil after the winter. I have 25 cm wet snow falling down just four days ago but today was the first day of real spring.

    3. The temperature down here is 17'C :) i was working in a t-shirt today :)
      Glad you got spring