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Monday, April 15, 2013

New Chicken Coop

If you followed my previous posts you know that I moved one Hen out of the Chicken Tractor because the other hens were aggressive towards it. I moved it into Bailey's dog house (I don't think he minds it).
 After just 2 days ... :)
 This is the isolated Hen. As you can see I made her a nest box in the corner and a sitting stick. She seems to be interested in the new nest box. I still didnt get any eggs from her, probably because she was under stress.
This is the new chicken coop attached to the dog house where the isolated hen lives. Chicken is a social animal and for that reason I will keep her coop near the chicken tractor so she can at least see and hear the other chicks.
The Lohmann Hens in the chicken tractor are calm now. No aggression amongst them.

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