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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Do-It-Yourself Sunlounger

My wife asked me if I could build her a sunlounger for this summer and since I have enough materials I said OK. I collected a few wooden pallets around the city which I've got for free. This project had cost me nothing!
I've used two identical pallets without dismantling them. I simply cut them to fit my body lenght and cut a simple curve at the top part and cut the edges at the bottom parts. Of course I sandpapered the lot.
This sunlounger can be also flattened. The upper part has two legs attached to hinges which I took off a reused window, which can be bent in if not used. Our dog Bailey testing it :)
Then it was time for the missus to test it ;)
I think she likes it :)
My wife decided to paint it white, so be it.

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