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Monday, April 8, 2013

Planting Pop-Corn and update on Apple Trees and Willows

Only 50% of the pop-corn seeds germinated which is fine because these seeds are at least 4 years old.
I have filled toilet paper tubes with potting soil and planted the sprouted pop-corn seeds. I watered them well and placed them on the window seal facing South. They like it warm and moist.
I will plant the pop-corn on the south side of our house together with Beans and Squash, also known as the "Three Sisters Planitng".
South facing window with Willow and Apple Trees
The apple leaves are becoming yellow for some reason. I do make sure the soil is moist and still the leaves are turning yellow. These are Swedish apples acclimatized to this climate. Im not sure what Im doing wrong?
 I have planted 3 different willows and the Salix rosmarinifolia is the one already developing fine roots and is flowering :)


  1. The yellow leaves could be chortage of iron caused by high Ph. If the Ph are to high they cant use the iron in the soil. Do you have lime in the plantingsoil?

    Buy a Ph test and then you know.

    1. The soil is from the shop and i read on the bag it has pH of 6. That is acidic enough. I dont think its the Iron. It must be something else. There is peat in this soil. Could that be it, making the soil too acidic?

    2. I dont know what peat is in english? Sometimes there are failures even in shopbought soils but you are probably right it could be something else.

    3. Ok peat is torv in swedish and its quite acidic and therefore they use lime in it. Maybe its was to much in your bag.

    4. Peat is tårv. Two of the apple plants are looking good

    5. Its hard to know what it is. Yellow leaves are a quite common indication of high Ph and iron chortage. You havent put any ash or something in it?

    6. I didnt put anything but i did water too much. My wifes mother sais they can get yellow if watering too much