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Friday, April 26, 2013

Painting the Oak Cottage with Falu Red

We bought this cottage 5 years ago and we never painted it even though the recommendation is every 3 years. The wood was starting to look very dirty with mold and algae growing on it so I first scrubbed the walls with water and a little bit of soap. Once the walls have dried I was ready to start painting, all I was waiting for is a warm sunny day which came yesterday.
So I did just that :) I painted like I never painted in my entire life :) I managed to pain two sides of the cottage  with the traditional Swedish Red paint also called Falu Red. This paint is water based and dries in 2 hours on 14'C.

The white frames around the windows are painted with oil paint and need much warmer weather to dry so I'll wait and only finish the red parts.
Today is rainy and cloudy but Sunday will be sunny so I hope to finish the rest.

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