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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chicken Tractor ready for the Hens and eating up the last snow

I placed two walls of my wire compost bin behind the main door. Like this I can easily refill water and food without the worry of chicks jumping out of the coop.
 I placed hay and dried Fern leaves into the 2 nest boxes. The Fern leaves are good at keeping pests at bay.
 I posted recently that I collected empty snail shells which I crashed and placed into the coop. I will also gets some tree coal and crush it into this dish.
I ordered five (14 month old) Lohmann Hens which I will get this Saturday. I will feed them with organic pellets. Originally I decided to keep only 3 hens in this chicken tractor but the price was so cheap I could not let it go and ordered 5 hens. Originally they cost 150 Swedish crowns per hen and I got them for 40 crowns per hen :) Anyway they will be moved to our new farm at the end of this year. I will move the chicken tractor around our yard 2 times a day so they get enough of fresh forage  I will also test an see how they behave when I let them out to roam free after 2 weeks of being closed in the coop. I've heard that it is very important to NOT let the hens out of the coop too soon, other wise they might just run away. After 2 week they will learn that this coop is their home and as soon it gets dark outside they will naturally retreat into it.
Our Lagotto loves eating snow! This is the last bit of it until next winter because the Spring has arrived :)

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