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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Soil preparation

 This is the kitchen garden area which was not managed in at least 10 years. I tried to dig the soil today but the amount of roots is epic and I gave up after 2 square meters. I don't feel well about using unsustainable tractors and especially not the notorious rototillers which kill all the earthworms. When first time breaking the soil which was never managed it is great help to till it so I will be asking my neighbor to do it with his tractor. After that I will be covering the soil with hay and wood chips to suppress the weeds. Soil which is always covered needs no tilling nor digging and it supports myriads of microorganisms and earthworms which create a very porous soil and turn the cover material into fine compost soil.
I brought some more compost soil from my local recycling plant (which is for free). I had to buy organic chicken food so thought to make use of the petrol used to drive there since the shop is in the same direction as the recycling plant. Before placing the soil into the raised beds I cover the bottom with newspapers to suppress the weeds. Then soil on top of that and the soil will be covered with hay and wood chips to preserve the moisture and encourage microorganisms and earthworms. 
Soon enough I will be planting more seeds so stay tuned :)

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