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Monday, April 8, 2013

Filling raised beds with compost soil

Every now and then I drive to the local recycling plant with garbage and at the same time I take some free compost soil with me. This soil is not marked organic but most of it is made from pruned bushes and trees from the near by city and private homesteads.
We already tested this soil and the Beetroots were big and delicious. 
Back it the days when we bought this car we were city dwellers and never thought of buying a car with a hook. Such a disadvantage when living a farm life. We will sell this car this year and try to buy a eco friendly car with a hook and a trailer. This time I used 3 pallet collars which I filled with soil. I intended to fill it to the top but soon noticed that the car sank considerably. I will need to drive at least 2 more time s to fill the remaining raised beds.
I covered the green house ground with newspapers to keep the weeds at bay but before that I added wood ashes to the soil. Then I placed 15cm compost soil on top of it. Tomatoes and Cucumbers are gonna love it.
I had enough soil to fill the green house and the cold frame. Will need to drive 2 more times to the recycling plant to get enough soil to fill the rest of the raised beds.

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