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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Plant Update and Weather Forecast

"Money Maker" Tomatoes are not doing that well as you can see in the left green house. The "Black Cherry" Tomaotes are doing much better (in the right box). Not sure whats causing this difference because they have same soil, same exposure to the Sun ... hm...? I think I will be able to use them anyway its just that the grow slower and are pale green in color. Money Maker is a late tomatoe sort, maybe thats why.
 I have planted several Maple seeds and only one has sprouted into a plantlet.
 The Black Locust worries me a little ... most of them started to wither so I decided to replant them and keep only the strongest plantlets. I honestly hope they will start growing well now because i really love this tree which produces many nectar rich flowers in spring and has a very hard wood to use for poles since they dont rot when in soil. Black Locust wood is by far the best fore wood ever and this specie is a very fats growing tree.
Lovage has started to sprout at last! 5 plants so far. That is ok with me since this plant gets HUGE. 2 plants are enough for one family year around. I hope to dry lots of Lovage leaves for the next winter.
What happened to Spring I wonder? Last year we had 20'C in March. This year the Spring seems to be held off by the Frost Giants from the Nordic Mythology ;) but according to SMHI the Spring might be fighting its way through! From April 11th the night temperature is raising above 0'C which is fantastic! C'mon  Spring go go go !!!

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