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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chicks playing in the grass

video update;
My Lagotto was very excited for the first few days when around the chicken. But today he managed to relax and have a nap beside the isolated chick :)


  1. I think she realy have to recover sp let her be for a month or so before you decide to not keep here.

    My bees was out on there first real flyingday today. I realy enjoy to see them in the spring.
    I made a short movie on my blogg at the entrance.

    I will go to the hives at kretsloppshuset as soon as possible. Next day with nice weather. You will have a report.

    1. Yes i will give here a month before i decide anything. I bought them for egg laying and would be sad to take her life.

      Glad to hear your bees are foraging :)
      Will visit your blog. Must subscribe so I get notification email whenever you post.

      Yes, please give me an update a few photos when you open the hives. Im very interested how the top entrance colony is doing and would like to see how you will manage the hive which pooped in the hive.