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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Got 2 Eggs Today

I've got the hens yesterday and so far things dont look so good. I noticed lots of aggression in the coop. I know they have to establish a packing order but this I felt is too much.
Here is a short video;
After some more observation I realized that one chicken is getting most of the aggression. 4 Hens were hitting that one chick and that is when I saw the difference; 4 Hens are the dark brown Lohmann and this one was much lighter, it sure was different. They were hitting so hard that she started bleeding from the head and I knew I had to remove her. They didnt allow her to come near the food or water. She was hungry and shaking.
I had nothing at that moment so I placed her into my dog's house and closed the door until tomorrow. I will have to make a small coop just for her tomorrow;
alone but in peace, now she can eat and eat as much as she wants
Not all is bad :) we've got 2 eggs today :) actually it was 3 but they ate one.

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