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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Planting seeds continues

Its April! The Spring seems to be taking over the stubborn Winter. Daily temperature is around 6-8' Celsius and night temp is around -8 and -1 'C.
This is the Black Cherry Tomato which is growing very well.
I re-planted the Lettuce into a stronger potting soil giving it more space. It is still too early to place it into the cold frame.
 I bought 6 seeds of Chinese Green Tea. I've placed it into a cup with warm water (for 24 hours). Tomorrow I will plant them into pots and place them in the warm green house in the window seal. 
 Sprouting Pop-corn
 5 seeds of Greenhouse Cucumbers planted and placed in the warm greenhouse.
I planted Sunflower seeds into the toilet paper cardboard tubes.
I aslo planted Thyme seeds today.

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